The Carolina TARDIS was built by Chuck Carte and Drew Magee. The TARDIS is available for rental for conventions and charity, business, and personal events, including but not limited to parades, fairs, festivals, grand openings, birthday parties, weddings, and many other events. The TARDIS is based out of the Charlotte, NC, metro area. Currently we are raising money for Johns River Valley Camp.

Length: 4 feet
Width: 4 feet
Height: 8 feet
Plays Music and Audio Clips from Doctor Who


Setup includes the TARDIS along with props from the television show. Costumed Doctor Who is available for an additional charge.

Pictures outside the TARDIS are free to the general public. We do not provide any sort of camera or other photo capture device. It is the responsibility of the public to take and handle their own photos.

Pictures inside the TARDIS are limited to select general admission commercial events and private events.

In addition, members of our staff can offer expertise the Doctor Who television show, and the building and responsibilities of large scale movie and television prop ownership. Please feel free to contact us at carolinatardis@gmail.com.